Our activity

We did a lot of different things during the project.
At CyberFair 2010, whose motto is 'Believe and Unite!', we wanted to present to people from all over the world our greatest attraction – Relic Coal Main GUIDO. In order to achieve this goal, we visited the mine, listened attentively to our guide and asked him and other people working at the mine a lot of questions. We also looked for the information about the mine in libraries and in the Internet. We prepared a multimedia presentation for the younger students from our school. We organized a contest for the best poster promoting the mine and hope that in the near future new post stamps will appear with our pictures on them.
Coal Mine GUIDO has its own post office and we hope that very soon everyone will be able to send postcards with these stamps on them to their friends. We also hope that our work on the project will encourage people from different countries to visit our city and one of our main attractions – Coal Mine GUIDO.

  • We have visited coal mine and prepared aset of photos
  • We organized the contest for best poster for a stamp promoting the mine

Click to see more phostos from visit

Click to see more posters from the contest

This is CyberFair 2010 project created by students of Elementary School nr 42 in Zabrze, Poland.