Level 170

On this level tourists can found geological chamber. There are various exhibits in display cabinets. Currently level 170, which facilities and appearance come from the seventies of 19th century is accessible for tourist. All the chambers are maintained in rough style in the form of natural, untouched by modern equipment mining excavations, which makes the level attractive. Straight from the under shaft the route takes you to a gallery, carved out in solid rack at the length of 80 meters, which constitutes a reserve of static nature. We can admire different rock layers from carbon epoch interweaving one another (tight sand stones and silts) with the traces of tectonic process “marked” on them. This is the only place where you can see a part of tectonic fault, moving elements of carbon, called “Saara” fault. At the very entrance to over 170-metre ventilating drift there are on the both sides, original, bricked fully equipped stables for horses.
Horses helped miners in the underground work since 1928. There were as many as over thirty of them working underground. Later on, as we head along the underground galleries we get to large bricked chambers which in the old times were facilitate with draining pumps of the Swiss company Sulzer. At this level there is also so called blind shaft, connecting level 170 and 320 with the ladder division.

This is CyberFair 2010 project created by students of Elementary School nr 42 in Zabrze, Poland.