Level 320

Underground route is almost 2 km length. New attritions was prepared, which move us in time I see how in the pas was work of miners look like – from drift to export of trolley over the surface. All visitors are impressed by wall gathered by coal mine harvester and container of 200 tons for rude carbon. We can seek here in what method horses was descended into the mine – therefore after exit from the cage we can seen a pod-mounted horse on special suspenders. On tourist route there are also old moiety dam and water dam. There is also a seismologic post and old carrier. There will be also available in near future chamber of junction and platform where tourist can feel like in real stamp. There will be also presentation of method – how to a shaft was drilled from down to the up. On this level are 4 walls of exploration. There is a pivot from the oldest to the modern drills. There are also coal mine machines – like harvesters. The route in this level is over 2000 meters of ecavations altogether with chambers. One of the most interesting monuments at this level is is the compressors chamber, were we can admire, build in 1914, two cylinder electric compressor made by Donnersmarckhutte in Zabrze/Hindenburg.

This is CyberFair 2010 project created by students of Elementary School nr 42 in Zabrze, Poland.