underground path into the earth's core

This is a project page for Cyberfair 2010 Contest. Project was created by students of Elementary School in Zabrze nr 42 name Nicolaus Copernicus leaded by Teacher of Information Technology, Ewa Widera.

We are choosen Local Attartions as main project category. We think that our main local attration in Zabrze is Our Coal Mine - GUIDO. We want pressent to wider audience this coal mine adapted for touirst purposes.

ERIH treasure is a symbolic name of over 800 various heritage objects set that aggregte on the European Route of Industrial Heritage. We are proudly presents our Coal Mine Guido became a part of ERIH.
These are unique heritage treasures that came from the past and was created by human creative in XIX-XX century.

This is CyberFair 2010 project created by students of Elementary School nr 42 in Zabrze, Poland.